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Barry Shaw ,is with the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

So Martin Indyk is shocked by his friend, Mahmoud Abbas.

So are we - by him.

Former US diplomat, Martin Indyk, who for decades promoted Palestinian Arab advancement over Israeli sovereignty, is shocked by the recent anti-Semitic remarks of his dear friend. Mahmoud Abbas.

Indyk tweeted, “I have been despairing about how to respond to Abu Mazen’s profoundly anti-Semitic diatribe. How could someone who has treated me as a personal friend for three decades at the same time harbor such hateful views of my people?”

My knee jerk response to Indyk’s remarks was to ask how blind has this US diplomat been?

For thirty years, his pursuit of a two-state non-solution blinded him to the reality of the Palestinian Arab deception, and the dreadful truth that Arafat, Abbas, and the rest of them fooled the world, and Indyk, into forcing more and more concessions out of Israel. They hid the venom of their ultimate goal behind smiles they gave to fools like Indyk as they pursued their planned staged destruction of Israel in its entirety.

Had Indyk, and the other foolish diplomats paid attention to what Arafat and Abbas were telling their own people in Arabic they would have realized that what they were being told in English was a pack of deceptive lies.

My views about Indyk’s remarks were shared by Arsen Ostrovsky who tweeted in response, “Martin Indyk is shocked that his friend Mahmoud Abbas, who has a PhD in Holocaust denial and presided over a terrorist infrastructure, could exhibit such profoundly anti-Semitic remarks, distorting the Holocaust. Next, Martin will be deeply shocked to hear the Pope is Catholic.”

International law professor, Eugene Kontorovich, asked, “How can someone who helped establish the “two-state solution” policy and defend it for three decades be such a fool! Abbas wrote his dissertation denying the Holocaust, but he smiles at Martin, and everything is good?”

Oh, how good men fall as fools when they are obsessed by dragging their two-state dead camel through the burning sands of the Middle East because in their hallucinated minds they think they see a shimmering distant oasis called peace when, in reality, it is no more than a mirage, fed by their fevered ambition.

Furthermore, according to Lee Smith, in a September 2014 article in Tablet, Martin Indyk, who ran John Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian Arab negotiations, and whose failure, according to Smith, set off the bloody Gaza war between Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas’s PA, cashed a $14.8 million check from Qatar, in his capacity as vice president and director of the Foreign Policy Program at the prestigious Brookings Institution.

So, perhaps, Indyk is not as foolish as he appears. Perhaps another word would fit better.

Bear in mind, though, that the patrons who gave Indyk that check are deadly enemies of Israel and prefer to fund Hamas rather than Indyk’s friend, Mahmoud Abbas.

His boss Kerry, by the way, famously said that Israel will never make peace with any Arab or Muslim state until we make peace with the Palestinian Arabs.

How did that work out?