UmanFlash 90

An Israeli citizen visiting Ukraine ran over a local woman on Thursday evening, killing her. The man is believed to be in Ukraine to participate in Rosh Hashanah prayers at the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav in Uman.

The Ukrainian police arrested the Israeli for questioning.

Separately, four other Israelis were arrested on their way to Uman on suspicion of drug possession. One of them was arrested with his eight-year-old son, who is unwilling to leave his father.

The consulate and officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are making an effort to free the detainees.

Tens of thousands of Israeli worshipers have already arrived in Uman for the holiday, as have the state-funded security forces. Amid the war in Ukraine and the travel warnings, many reported delays at the border crossings leading into the country.

At the same time, the residents of Ukraine are expressing outrage and uploading videos to the internet about the conduct of the worshipers, both in Uman and on the way there.

In one of the videos, a driver who says he was transporting Hassidim, is seen inside a bus full of garbage, and a woman complaining about the bags full of garbage left by passengers on the train.