Mossad chief David Barnea
Mossad chief David BarneaYossi Zeigler/TPS

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp chief Hossein Salami threatened the life of Mossad chief David Barnea over Barnea's warnings that Israel would respond forcefully to attempts to harm Israeli citizens or Jewish people by the Iranian regime or its agents.

“The Zionists are grappling with many problems, and signs of their decline are evident. Thus, they have resorted to empty rhetoric and threats to assassinate our commanders,” Salami said during a press conference today (Thursday).

Addressing Barnea, he said: “Go ahead if your previous assassination operations have increased your security. However, you should know that if you make threats against our security, we will have more options and your life will be cut short.”

Salami's remarks follow Barnea's speech at Richman University in Herzliya on Sunday in which he vowed that Iran's leaders would pay a steep price if they continued to attempt to harm the Jewish people.

Barnea declared that "until now, we only hit the commanders, the time has come that we take a different toll on Iran. Harm to an Israeli or a Jew, in any way, would lead to action deep in Iran and even in the heart of Teheran, from the executive level to the decision-makers."

"Iran continues its non-stop efforts to harm Israelis and Jews around the world through terror cells. They hide behind proxies. It doesn't work with us," he concluded.