Likud MK Dan Illouz joined the "From Oslo to Sovereignty" online conference produced by the Sovereignty Movement and Arutz Sheva - Israel National News, and warned that the time for sovereignty over Judea and Samaria might well be now or never.

"We have the most right-wing coalition ever. If we don't do it now, in this term, then we will have only ourselves to blame for missing this unique opportunity to make it happen. Israel has been saying what it is willing to give up since 1967 - it's time to go the other way."

MK Illouz also mentioned a more unifying cause for the people of Israel - sovereignty in the Jordan Valley. ''We have people from the coalition and the opposition in the lobby for the Jordan Valley. Even Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid, who may not agree about Judea and Samaria, have supported that idea. Itcan be a good starting point, and really unite the people of Israel in these divisive times."

MK Illouz warns that Israel should not try to bargain Judea and Samaria for normalization with Saudi Arabia. ''When we strongly believe in something, and we show strength, other avenues of peace become possible. If we show weakness and talk about concessions, they won't want to make peace with us. That's what happened in the Abraham Accords.''

MK Illouz says that he plans to try and raise support for the idea in the USA as well. 'I was in touch with Representatives in my previous role with the Zionist Organization of America, and I plan to fly in December to continue to lobby members of Congress on this issue."