Professor Aumann
Professor AumannFlash 90

Nobel Prize winner Prof. Yisrael Aumann claimed today (Wednesday) in an interview with​​​​​​ ​Kan that the State of Israel is already in the midst of a military coup, and in the event of a civil war, he will be one of those waving a white flag.

Prof. Aumann was asked how it is possible to settle the worst of the disputes surrounding the judicial reform issue and said: "I don't know. I want to wish that as the year ends, it takes with it its curses, and as the new year begins it brings its blessings, but I don't know how to settle the issue. I see very worrying signs on the opposing side."

"Their symbol is a fist, yes? It's not good. I want to say right away, I will not participate in the civil war, I will raise my hands like Menachem Begin on the Altalena. But I also want to say that in my opinion there will be no civil war."

Regarding the government's relations with the protesters and their supporters, he said: "I think that in the end, the power lies with the protesters. The police listen to the protesters, the army listens to them."

"It seems to me that the power is more with the protesters than with the government. The government is not so much 'governing' in the centers of power. If we are going to become a military dictatorship in the shadow of the court, then fine. It is not 'on the brink of a military coup', we are already in the coup. The army is simply supporting the protesters."

Prof. Aumann referred to the rising antisemitism levels globally and said: "What worries me more than the severe internal dispute is the increase in antisemitism all over the world. You see it in universities in England and Europe, but mainly in the USA. Today it is politically correct to be antisemitic."