The late Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach and contemporary singer Eli Levin "joined together" in a new music video titled "Ani Maamin", transporting viewers to the streets of Jerusalem where the eternal promise of redemption hovers tantalizingly in the air.

Released 50 years after the surprise Yom Kippur attack on Israel, Ani Maamin, the video, directed by Daniel Finkelman, shows a reenactment of Rebbe Carlebach roaming Jerusalem with his guitar during the 19-day-long war.

The song features previously unreleased vocals of Carlebach blended in an updated arrangement with Levin, who retraces Carlebach’s steps in the video.

Ani Maamin was composed by Cecelia Margules, one of several songs written by the songster that were recorded by Carlebach. Being able to introduce Carlebach’s music and his incredible love for every Jew to a new generation is particularly meaningful to Margules, as is being able to convey the heightened emotion that engulfed Jews worldwide as Israel was attacked on the holiest day of the year.

A SparksNext production directed by Daniel Finkelman, Ani Maamin was co-directed by Aharon Orian and arranged by Doni Gross.