Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon
Hezbollah in Southern LebanoniStock

The US Treasury Department today (Tuesday) imposed sanctions on a network of Hezbollah financiers in South America in an effort to combat the illegal financing of the terrorist organization.

The Treasury statement reads: "The United States is today designating key Hezbollah operatives and financiers operating a network in South America and Lebanon that generates revenue for Hezbollah’s terrorist activities and provides cover for its presence in Latin America. Today’s action, taken in collaboration with partners in the U.S. government, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, underscores our commitment to pursuing the financiers, supporters and facilitators who sustain Hezbollah’s ability to threaten the security, stability, and prosperity of Lebanon and the global financial system. We will continue our efforts to root out networks that would abuse the U.S. and international financial systems to fund and engage in terrorism."

The announcement comes a month after the Treasury sanctioned the Hezbollah front group "Green Without Borders."

Green Without Borders was established in 2013, ostensibly with the goal of protecting the Lebanese environment, in reality, serves as a front for Hezbollah. At least a dozen Green Without Borders outposts were manned by Hezbollah operatives and served as cover for underground facilities and tunnels used by Hezbollah for weapons storage.