Flooding on the road (illustrative)
Flooding on the road (illustrative)iStock

The topsy-turvy weather is expected to make itself felt in the next few days: the storm "Daniel" which hit the eastern Mediterranean in the past few days is expected to arrive in Israel, bringing with it strong rains and possibly causing flooding.

Meteo-tech meteorologist Tzachi Waxman estimated that, "Tonight and tomorrow, the storm's remnants are expected to hit our area, and cause local rainfall, which may be strong, and there is a chance of flooding."

"The hot, dry weather which has prevailed today is expected to break during the afternoon hours. Winds will pick up, there will be haze, and in the Negev there may be dust storms. During the night, a colder, wet front will enter our area, and local rains will begin to fall, accompanied by thunderstorms and gusts of wind up to 70 kilometers per hour."

The rain is expected to continue on Wednesday as well, bringing with it chances of flooding in central cities, as well as in the southern and eastern streams.

On Thursday, summer weather will return in full force, and temperatures will rise.

On Friday and Saturday, temperatures will rise significantly, and the heat will be oppressive. The weather will become hot and dry.