Refael Adana
Refael AdanaCourtesy of the family

The Central District Prosecutor's Office has declared that it will appeal the court's decision to close the case against the daughter of the driver who killed four-year-old Refael Adana earlier this year.

Adana was killed in May, nine days after he was hit by a vehicle in Netanya.

Footage from the scene of the hit-and-run in which four-year-old Refael Adana was killed in May shows that Carol Fassler, the mother of the vehicle's owner was alone in her daughter's vehicle at the time of the accident.

Police also carried out a series of tests to ensure that Dr. Heidi Fassler, Carol Fassler's daughter and the owner of the vehicle, was not involved in the accident. Among other things, Dr. Heidi Fassler's cell phone location was tracked, and it confirmed that she was not present at the scene.

In August, the Prosecutor's Office explained why it chose to close the case against Dr. Heidi Fassler, and said that Adana had been killed in an "unavoidable" accident.

"The accident did not take place at a crosswalk but on a road which had a traffic island with plants in it, and therefore it was found that the driver acted with the speed permitted under law, about 55 kilometers per hour, and essentially had no responsibility for the accident occurring - only for abandoning the minor," the Prosecutor's Office said.