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We grew up believing that crime doesn’t pay. It said so in the cartoons, the books, and certainly in the movies.

From Alan Ladd in Shane, to Gary Cooper in High Noon, to Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick, the good guy wins.

So it was in nearly every Western, and Film Noir, to cite, for example, James M. Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice.

The same theme prevails throughout… and in fact, the Hays Code saw to it, that you will never get away with it, you will be punished. (From 1934 to 1968.)

Even Tolstoy couldn’t resist. Anna Karenina was made to suffer a tragic finish.

Throughout history, it has always been wise to put your money on David against Goliath. Good Guys win. Bad Guys lose.

It’s in our DNA.

Or was.

Times have changed, and the scoundrels are getting away with it, right before our eyes.

A Gold Star father testifies, before a special House Committee, that of the 13 US military personnel who were murdered in Kabul, due to Biden’s reckless pullout, not one member of the Administration has had to pay the consequences. No one who’s had a hand in this debacle has been fired or demoted. All of them got off scot-free, even the generals, and Biden himself.

Say that again!

Such clarity, from a bereaved father, stunned many Americans who’ve been snoozing. Can this be true? No consequences?

In that case, we live in a world with no happy endings…nor in Israel, either.

The Oslo Accords, 1993, in which Rabin and fellow travelers elevated a gang of thugs onto equal footing with sovereign Israelis, for that, and for the spree of murders that followed, to this day, from the PLO that was washed and cleansed into the Palestinian Authority, still, there has been no accounting, no comeuppance.

The scoundrels won’t even admit that it was a mistake. Nor that the Second Intifada of the year 2000 was largely their doing.

Are they shamefaced? Not at all. They persist as the disloyal opposition. Some call it treason.

Back here, Hillary, Comey, Schiff and all the rest of them escaped justice, and got to live happily ever after on CNN or MSNBC.

A few days ago, however, one man did get 22 years for some role related to Jan 6. He is a Trump supporter, and no doubt a Republican.

Democrats have no such worries.

The media will protect them, from Biden all across the board.

So too NYC mayor Adams who last year extended a come-one-come-all invitation to the illegal migrants. Apparently. he expected a hundred, not 100,000, and still coming at a rate of 10,000 per month. Today, he is howling HELP. Like an invasion of zombies, they have swamped the town – and the media won’t cover this, either, because Adams is a Democrat.

He used to be a Republican. Is he trending back? A Republican is a Democrat who’s been mugged.

In his own words, he says NYC is being “destroyed” by these invaders.

Only a month ago, before the magnitude of the invasion, the same Mayor Adams asked the citizens to invite these great unwashed to their homes…people who arrive without documentation as to their health and criminal status… and this insanity, this too has been conveniently forgotten by Adams, and the media.

Trump never got a break…only slander after slander.

For all their false reporting over Trump, the anchors, the reporters, the editors…all enjoy safe conduct. Not a single one has apologized for misleading the nation.

Not a single one has been fired or demoted. Many have been promoted.

They all got away with it…and are prepared to do it again.

Separate Note: Seems President Zelenskyy is furious at Israel because Israel has inked a movie-making deal with Russia. Sir, the world does not revolve around Ukraine. Israel, a sovereign nation, has its own domestic concerns and foreign policy business. Let there be Lights, Camera, Action.

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