Yehuda Fox
Yehuda FoxIDF Spokesperson

השב"כ חושף הערב (ראשון) כי מבדיקות שבוצעו ביחס לפרופיל שבאמצעותו פורסמה היום תמונתו של האלוף יהודה פוקס, מפקד פיקוד מרכז במדים של נאצי, עלה כי מוערך בסבירות גבוהה שמדובר בפרופיל פיקטיבי המתופעל על ידי גורמים איראנים.

The Shin Bet has revealed that following an investigation into the profile that posted a photo that depicted Central Command commander Major General Yehuda Fox in a Nazi uniform, it would appear reasonable to conclude that the profile is a fictitious one run by Iranian agents.

בשב"כ מציינים כי "מזה זמן מקדמת איראן קמפיין רשתי כולל, שמטרתו לפלג את החברה בישראל ולערער את יציבותה, ומוערך כי פרסום התמונה היום הינו חלק מקמפיין זה".

The Shin Bet stated: "For some time, Iran has been running an internet campaign aimed at dividing the Israeli public and harming its stability, and it assessed that the post today was part of that same campaign."

The user, ELLA LEVI, tweeted the picture of Fox and wrote: "Yehuda Fox is a dictator who uses tyrannical measures to silence those who criticize him in public."

פוקס מוצג כהיטלר
פוקס מוצג כהיטלרצילום: מתוך הטוויטר

The tweet was removed from Twitter, and the police suspect that the photo was uploaded by a Twitter user who resides overseas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office reacted to the post: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demands an inquiry and an investigation regarding the Tweet which was published against Central Command commander Major General Yehuda Fox. Prime Minister Netanyahu condemns incitement and fully supports the commanders of the IDF."

Opposition leader Yair Lapid responded: "I support Major General Yehuda Fox and his soldiers in the face of the venomous and evil attack against him and the entire IDF."

MK Avihai Boaron responded: "I was shocked to see the post in which a Major General in the IDF is depicted as Hitler, may his name and memory be erased. Any mention and link between any Israeli entity and the Nazi oppressor is despicable and deserves all condemnation. If the lady who did this is mentally sane, she should be investigated and prosecuted – even freedom of expression has limits."

Boaron added: "Any use of Holocaust motifs harms the memory of the Holocaust and is a detriment to the memories of the six million martyrs who were slaughtered there. Here, too, she must be brought to justice – as mentioned, there is a limit to freedom of expression. As an aside: It is very serious that until now, we have not heard a single condemnation from the heads of the opposition."