Mossad Director David Barnea, during a conference a Richman University in Herzliya on Sunday, revealed that Iran intended to sell Russia short and long-range missiles, but the deal was shut down.

"They intend to sell additional arms, which will be shut down as well. Our fear is that in return, the Russians will transfer advanced weaponry to the Iranians that would certainly threaten our wellbeing and even our existence here," he stated.

According to him, "Tehran continues trying to get the status of an enlightened country. They hide behind a story. As Iran's self-confidence grows, so do its efforts to spread terrorism around the world since it feels that it won't pay a high price.

We see a significant rise in attempts to harm Jews and Israelis around the world. In the past year, we foiled, together with our partners, 27 terror attacks worldwide," he added.

Barnea declared that "until now, we only hit the commanders, the time has come that we take a different toll on Iran. Harm to an Israeli or a Jew, in any way, would lead to action deep in Iran and even in the heart of Teheran, from the executive level to the decision-makers.

Iran continues its non-stop efforts to harm Israelis and Jews around the world through terror cells. They hide behind proxies. It doesn't work with us," he concluded.

During his speech, Barnea presented a video that reveals Iran's deep involvement in global terror and shows terrorists admitting that they were sent by official intelligence and security organizations to harm Israelis and Jews.

According to him, these reveal Iran's fingerprints on terror operations and demonstrate that Iran can not deny its responsibility for terrorism even as it hides behind missions that aren't Iranian.

"The Iranian regime has no room for denial, and most importantly - it has no immunity," Barnea emphasized.

He emphasized the importance of building an international "offensive alliance" against Iran, which would "work to restain it in all channels and would take a financial, diplomatic, and legal toll for its nuclear, regional, and terror activity."

In his address, Barnea called on the nations of the free world to stop holding back against Iran and congratulated the US for its determined work to ensure free passage through the Arabian Gulf.