A sign emphasizing SUPREME Court
A sign emphasizing SUPREME CourtGilad Firset

Minister of Justice Yariv Levin commented Saturday evening on the left-wing demonstrations against the judicial reform and one large sign that was waved there.

The sign is a play on words. If all the words were the same size, and it said Beit Hamishpat Haelyon, it would simply mean "The Supreme Court," as "Ha" means "the." However, it is written so that the word "Elyon" - Supreme - is on s separate line in a much larger font, so that its meaning in Hebrew is "The Court is Supreme."

"The protesters revealed tonight with one sign their true goal - a court that is supreme over everything," he said. "Supreme over the government and can cancel any of its decisions or appointments, supreme over the Knesset and can cancel any law and now even discusses the cancellation of basic laws, supreme over the people and can cancel the elections and take out a prime minister, supreme over the law and can take any authority against the law, and act in conflict of interest as if the rules do not apply to him," Levin wrote.

"And in addition to all this, a court whose judges control the procedures for appointing judges, and appoint their associates in a friend-brings-friend manner, in secret chambers, and without a protocol. That is what they are striving for. That is what the hearing that will be held on Tuesday on the reasonableness standard is aimed at. To create a situation where fifteen people who choose themselves will be above the government, above the Knesset, above the people, and above the law. The absolute rule of the judge. Without this thing called 'the will of the people.' Without democracy," Levin wrote.

"And I ask every decent person, even those who still do not see the need for a fundamental change in the judicial system: If the court interferes with basic laws, what checks and balances will it have? Is there even one check or balance left, as is required in a democracy?"