Rabanit Yemima Mizrachi joins Israel National News's studio in Jerusalem to discuss her solution for the modern woman's need for spiritual enrichment in a hectic lifestyle - her eighth annual daily planner with inspiring words of Torah for every day.

"We have such a hectic life with families and careers," she says. "When the modern woman opens the planner and sees words of hope, something to heal a fractured soul, it's a completely different start to her day."

Rabanit Yemima says that the planner is specifically intended for a woman's point of view: "Women and men were given the same Torah at Sinai, but in a different way. The Bible says 'Thus shall you say to the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel (Exodus 19:3).' Jewish commentators have written that the repetition in this verse is to emphasize the need for different approaches to instruction for men an women. It must have feminine music to it, and that's a message that has really begun to penetrate in the last few years.''

''Jewish feminism is full of power,'' Rabanit Yemima adds. ''It never tries to compare. I walk my feminine way, and never check whether I am walking faster or slower or the same.''

Rabanit Yemima urges the public to overcome the rift in Israeli society. ''Meet one another,'' she says. ''Understand how little we all understand about each side, and you start to realize that we are not nearly as different as we think in this very small place.''

Rabanit Yemima tells about her many meetings with Jews around the world. ''They miss us, and it's incredibly moving.'' She also gives a blessing for the approaching Jewish new year: ''We are all standing in front of a heavy door. May this be the year that if we all knock on heaven's door, we see it open for us.''