Eritreans in Tel Aviv
Eritreans in Tel AvivFlash 90

Reality is the best comedy show in town.

Well, now we have more proof of that, the riots in South Tel Aviv by the illegal African migrants.

No, There is nothing funny about these riots, but they expose the horrendous narrative of lies that establishment media is feeding us all about the judicial reform and the associated protest movement. Stick with me, it will all make sense.

If you saw videos of the massive violence on the streets of Tel Aviv you might think that it looks more like the streets of an African county, and not the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, correct?

You would be right, except, all those rioters are illegal African migrants who live in south Tel Aviv, a neighborhood with many poor and elderly Israelis They literally smashed storefronts, cars, and injured dozens of Israeli policemen who needed medical treatment.

These illegal African migrants are a ticking time bomb that consecutive Netanyahu-led governments have tried to solve by passing various laws to expel them or incentivize them to leave. Guess who overturned every government law to solve the illegal African migrant problem? If you guessed the justice system and the Supreme Court, then you guessed right.

Ok, now I want to remind you about a news clip from the year 2013 with current Justice Minister Yariv Levin, after Israel’s Supreme Court annulled a law passed to incarcerate illegal migrants to incentivize them to leave. Then regular Likud MK Levin called out that it was insane, since the Supreme Court had no legal right to annul the law.

That was in 2013, when Israel was being flooded with thousands of illegal African migrants slipping through the Egyptian border. The law that the government passed was working. Thousands of illegal migrants had started to leave Israel voluntarily. But it was annulled by the Supreme Court, and the exodus stopped.

Today, we have tens of thousands of illegal African migrants in Tel Aviv and other cities in Israel. Why? Because of our unjust justice system and Supreme Court that annulled government laws to solve the problem without relying on any law allowing them to do so. Instead, the court just used its warped progressive, really regressive, value system that ignored actual law-breaking and prioritized the "rights" of illegal migrants over the rights of law-abiding Israeli citizens.

I know, many Americans can see a parallel with the absurd situation of illegal migrants in America.

Going back to the situation in Israel...

As many of you know, anti-democratic protesters in Israel have been protesting for over half a year that the Netanyahu government's judicial reform will "destroy Israel democracy" and "turn Israel into a dictatorship." That is why they allow themselves to literally tear Israeli society apart, destroy Israeli democracy, the Israeli economy and even the unity of the IDF.

Well, the Eritrean illegals reality exposed the absolute clown show of the whole protest movement. Because it is the current justice system and Supreme Court that are destroying Israel. They are destroying Israeli democracy by annulling laws when they have no legal power to do so, and acting like a judicial dictatorship, in a sense, annulling the power of the people who voted for politicians and parties to implement policies, and allowing for the continued implementation of policies they want instead. The people's voice has been neutered by the justice system and the Supreme Court, and it is precisely this judicial dictatorship that the judicial reform is trying to end!

Here is a short history of the laws that consecutive Netanyahu governments tried to pass to prevent/solve the illegal immigrant issue, all annulled by the Supreme Court:

Back in the year 2006 the state of Israel would arrest illegal migrants and place them in jail-like facilities. The Supreme Court said that it was illegal for the government to do that. By doing so, the court forced the State to free all illegal migrants to live in Israel, in a sense opening the country’s gates wide open for tens of thousands more illegal migrants to come through the Egyptian border without any consequences.

The government next tried to use economic pressure. Since they came to Israel for jobs, not because of danger to their lives, the government banned any Israeli businesses from hiring illegal migrants, and enforced it with economic fines.

Well, in 2009 – The Supreme Court said that was illegal as well, ending the economic pressure to incentivize the illegal migrants to leave.

In 2012, the government then passed a law to incarcerate for three years illegal migrants who received deportation issues yet remained in the country.

Well, in September 2013 – The Supreme Court unanimously decided that that was illegal as well.

In response to that, in December 2013 – The Knesset enacted another amendment to the law to only incarcerate them for 1 year instead of 3. The application of this law proved to be extremely effective and within three months over 4,000 illegal migrants voluntarily left Israel.

In September 2014 – The Supreme Court annulled that law as well.

Then in December 2014 – The Knesset re-enacted the law, minimizing incarceration to only 3 months.

But in August 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that law unconstitutional.

In 2018, Netanyahu actually succeeded in making a diplomatic arrangement with African countries to take in the illegal migrants, but the leftist NGOs, who are more interested in destroying the Jewish character of the State of Israel than the law, generated tremendous pressure that ended up bringing about the collapse of this arrangement.

So, the government went back to the drawing board. With all the incarceration laws canceled by the Supreme Court, the government came up with another original method to pressure illegal migrants to leave. It passed a law that forced employers of illegal migrants to deposit 20% of their salary into an interest-bearing bank account that they could only access when they leave Israel.

But in April 2020 – The Supreme Court canceled that law

The massive illegal migration only ended because Netanyahu built a wall on the Egyptian border, too little too late. The justice system also tried hard to stop that wall from being built!!! Thankfully, Netanyahu was able to overcome those legal hurdles.

Understand, the whole judicial war against Knesset laws to stop the illegal African migration and stopping the deportation of illegal migrants has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with a judicial system actively allowing for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel via illegal migration.

We are a tiny country. Only a bit over 7 million Jews. Allowing a community of illegal African migrants to grow to be a community of hundreds of thousands would have a hugely negative impact on the State of Israel.

Sadly, the biggest victims of the illegal African migrant situation in South Tel Aviv from this insane judicial dictatorship are the Jewish residents of South Tel Aviv who have been left defenseless in a violent neighborhood with nightly rapes - including elderly women! - harassment and burglaries. But the justice system never cares about the lives of these Israeli citizens, so don’t believe the lie that the Supreme Court looks after the needs of the weak and the unprotected.

The absurd thing is that if you follow the establishment news, the talking heads are blaming the illegal migrant situation on Netanyahu for not agreeing to a solution that was promoted by the United Nations a few years ago that would have allowed Israel to expel 16,000 illegal African migrants. That is pure misinformation and a total spin, because the other half of the proposed solution is omitted from the media story. The United Nations "solution" was disastrous for Israel. It included having to legalize all the remaining tens of thousands of illegal migrants in Israel, as well as allowing for more illegal migrants to enter the country without Israel being able to deport them! So, of course Netanyahu said no, it wasn't a solution, it was a trap.

Throughout this saga, the legal establishment is always blaming the situation on the government for "not solving the problem", yet it is the justice system and Supreme Court that is responsible for the ticking time bomb of illegal migrants still living in Israel, and today rioting in the streets of Tel Aviv.

If all of that is not absurd enough, prepare for the true absurdity.

All these years, the Supreme Court has touted the claim that these illegal migrants are really refugees running for their lives from their home countries, and it was on that false basis that they kept on annulling the government laws to solve the problem.

Last week's protest revealed that lie. It was actually a public riot between two different groups of illegal migrants from the same country, a group of pro-Eritrea government protestors vs a group of anti-Eritrea government protestors.

If the claim of refugees was correct, then how come so many of them are pro the Eritrea government that was supposedly persecuting them?

Because they are not refugees, they are illegal economic migrants looking for jobs.

And guess what. It isn't just Avi Abelow saying this. Check out this post by former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett who wrote the same thing back in 2018:

Translating his post into English:

We are told that we must allow the Eritreans to remain in Israel because they are refugees who are running for their lives.

Question: Does it make sense to you that a "refugee", who is fleeing for his life from an apparently murderous regime, would go to participate in a party held by the embassy of the regime that is persecuting him?
This photo is from the Independence Day party organized by the Eritrean Embassy in Israel a few days ago. (back in June, 2018)

Thousands of Eritreans participated.

Now use your common sense: would refugees fleeing the terror of the regime go to the party of that regime?

Gentlemen, these are illegal migrants; Not refugees!

And one more absurdity, Some of these illegal migrants were waving Israeli flags while rioting. Reminding us of another protest movement that is abusing the Israeli flag for pr reasons…

Now, I have been following this issue for years, always pointing out how the Supreme Court's involvement in the illegal migrant issue was illegal, since the Court has no power to annul laws, and proving why judicial reform is so necessary.

Since this riot has now received national attention, Netanyahu has now announced that the government will find a solution to deal with the illegal migrants who rioted, including potential expulsion. But, I wouldn't count on it. The unjust, progressive judicial system and Supreme Court most probably won’t allow it, again.

While things still look far off, however, change in the judicial system will happen.

Don’t worry, all this hypocrisy getting exposed is good! It’s all part of the process to expose the facade of the “enlightened”, “moral” stance of the camp that is protecting the judicial system from any change. The changes will happen over time, even though not as soon as we need them to happen.

It’s all good!

The changes unfortunately won't happen as soon as we want, but they will happen.

The most important thing, is informing more and more people about the facts, not to be swayed by the misinformation by the establishment media, and anti-judicial reform protest movement, which you already know has nothing to do with judicial reform and everything to do with weakening the political power of the proud, strong Jewish voices in Israel.

Hold on to your faith. Even though things look depressing and sticky, the good times are coming.

We will overcome our internal enemies who use the "law" and their power within the justice system to stop us from being a proud, Jewish state.

It is a process.

Avi Abelow is the host of the Pulse of Israel daily video/podcast ( and the CEO of 12Tribe Films Foundation. After working as a change management consultant for Accenture in NYC and opening up their Israel office in Tel Aviv, Avi then produced the acclaimed movie “Home Game” about Gush Katif. Due to the success of “Home Game” worldwide, Avi made a career change to dedicate his time to using media, videos and social media to promote the politically incorrect truth about Israel, the Jewish people and the freedom-loving world. Today, Avi also is the Director of 12Tribe Films which manages