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Illegal immigrants must be expelled from Israel. They must go.

Y’know why? Because these Mistan’nim (illegal infiltrators) are . . . Illegal Infiltrators. They must go.

If a person steals 100 shekels from a store, it is fitting justice that his crime be reversed and he restore to the store the 100 shekels stolen plus further damages. If a person wrongfully breaks a person’s window, he should be required to reverse his wrong by paying for the window’s repair. And if he enters a country illegally, he should be required to reverse his wrong and leave. If he does not leave, he should be expelled forcibly. If he is from Eritrea, it does not matter whether he supports Dictator Isaia Afwerki, wears red, and celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of his “election” or whether he opposes Afwerki and wears blue. Both sides are in Israel illegally. They must go.

Under international law, Israel cannot forcibly send migrants back to a country where their life or liberty may be at risk. Then again, under international law, the U.N. and Obama and turncoat “Orthodox Jew” Jack Lew decreed in December 2016 that it is illegal for Israel to be at the Kotel (Western Wall) or at Kever Rachel (Rachel’s Tomb) or at the Cave of Machpelah in Hevron where Avraham, Sarah, Yitzchak, Rivkah, Yaakov, and Leah repose until the time of Moshiach (Messiah). So international law that is anti-Zionist — i.e., anti-Semitic — is not a great concern of this writer, a former Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review and law professor of nearly twenty years, who also was conferred a prestigious award in Legal Ethics. In any event, certainly the animals in red who are pro-Afwerki can be deposited in Eritrea. They will be as safe there as anyone else is in that dump.

It is not Israel’s obligation to offer itself as a movie stage for wild Africans to play out their murderous violence against each other and enact a remake of “Hotel Rwanda” on Jewish soil although it is fascinating watching a pogrom in a country with millions of Jews but where no Jews have to hide under their beds. Still, this one did destroy Jewish businesses, and indeed has destroyed so much of Jewish life in South Tel Aviv. South Tel Aviv should not be a “No Go” ghetto like South Chicago, particularly on Saturday nights. It is part of the Holy Land of Israel and the sovereign country of Israel. Israel does not need Illegal Africans recreating scenes from the Biblical account of the Concubine of Givah (Judges 19-21).

Inasmuch as Israel has been hamstrung by international law from sending them back to cities like Asmara, Israel permits Africans like illegal Eritreans and illegal Sudanese to stay on “conditional release.” They do not have “temporary residence status,” which would afford them an identity card.

It is not like Israel has not tried to get rid of them. Tens of thousands of Africans poured illegally through the once-porous southern border with Egypt. Remember: Eritrea has compulsory national conscription for an average of 6.5 years. Therefore, beating within the innermost hearts of these Sudanese and Eritrean Illegals, their eyes looking eastward — from Egypt and Sudan — driven by their hope of 2,000 seconds, was to live in the Land of Zion, Jerusalem. The land that apostates Ben & Jerry, who repose on occupied Indian soil in Vermont, calls “apartheid.”

Blacks, Africans streaming into Israel, begging to experience “Jewish Apartheid” (otherwise meaning: “a chance at a better life than living in Black Africa”). “Please, Jews, apartheid me!”

In all, 60,000 Illegals infiltrated, desperately yearning to experience Israeli “apartheid.”

With Prime Minister Netanyahu continually reversing Shakespeare’s aphorism of “better three hours too soon than a minute too late” (“Merry Wives of Windsor,” Act II, Scene II), Israel finally woke up — way, way too late, as usual — and finally built a 242 kilometer (150 mile) electronic fence at the Egypt border, and like magic the stream stopped, with maybe ten new Illegals entering annually since then. In 2023, virtually none got in.

Israel’s governments tried legislating strategies to induce them to leave, like the law that would withhold 20 percent of their earnings in escrow, to be remitted when they get out. They also were taken and jailed, first at Saharonim Prison and later at the specially built, now-closed Holot Detention Center, both in a remote part of the Negev. Those brought to Holot were permitted to meander outside for a few hours daily but had to report three times daily and stay there overnight. As a result of these and related efforts, 5,787 of them left Israel voluntarily. Almost 1,900 left in return for a $3,500 government cash bribe — worth every grush. While there were 24,007 Eritreans illegally in Israel in 2018, the number was reduced by some 25.6466863831 percent (give or take) to 17,850 by 2023. However, the dictatorial Supreme Court ruined everything, making up new rights as they felt. They stopped every legitimate effort to throw them out or induce them to leave.

So Israel now has experienced the inevitable: an Eritrean pogrom worthy of Rwanda, with animals on both sides carrying flogging rods and throwing projectiles at each other, aiming to kill each other. If only there could have been “Rothschild lasers” to eviscerate them all. More than 150 were injured, leaving more than 15 in peril of death, and some 30 police officers were badly wounded trying to control them. Property damage has been estimated in the hundreds of thousands of shekels. “Bechor and Shoshi,” a Jewish-owned restaurant in Little Asmara, had a $20,000 glass façade shattered. Shattered glass panels lined Yad Charutzim’s row of cafés. Jews in Neve Sha’anan deserve better. It is their country, not Eritrea or Sudan.

Herzl accepted Uganda, but the World Zionist Congress turned him down.

In the meantime, there is an elegant solution so obvious that almost no one but this writer has found a way to put into words: In the United States, a majority of the population oppose illegal immigration from South and Central America. However, the Democrats maintain porous borders anyway to allow millions of Illegals to enter because a decade and more of experience has shown that Illegals help tilt closely divided electorates to the Democrats. Even though Illegals cannot vote legally, there are reasons their massive presence in places like California, Nevada, and Arizona changes voting patterns just enough to switch outcomes of split electorates by two or three critical percentage points.

The Republicans now realize after three years of Biden that they cannot stop his efforts to flood the country with more Illegals, so conservative Republican Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hit on a brilliant strategy: start busing the Illegals to heavily liberal and woke Democrat cities where the politicians posture and virtue-signal as great civil libertarians and declare their polities as “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States.” Well, Abbott and DeSantis reasoned, since they are boasting they offer sanctuary to Illegals who simply never go to their cities in droves, and since we are swamped by them, let’s ship them to New York City and Chicago and Washington, D.C. and even to chichi Martha’s Vineyard, where the Beautiful People live.

So they started shipping them. At first, New York City further postured and welcomed the Illegals and said that is why they exist as a Sanctuary City for the downtrodden immigrant infiltrators. That was at first. But as more and more arrived, suddenly the sanctuaries ended their warmth. New York City’s mayor even spent $50,000 to ship the Illegals back to Texas and Florida. Now they are outspoken in demanding that Biden control the border and do something about the mess. Ah, liberals. If they did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

It works in America; it will work in Israel. Until the Infiltrators get thrown out, with a reformed Supreme Court allowing common sense and self-preservation to prevail, let the national government move the whole lot of them into Northern Tel Aviv. Demand that Northern Tel Aviv end its apartheid and allow Black people in. Build quick equivalents of America’s “Section 8” housing, and populate Northern Tel Aviv with 30,000 Illegal Africans from Eritrea and Sudan. They must go there. Shikma will welcome them. They can bring sticks and molotov cocktails and knives to her weekly parades. In the meantime, that is where they must go.

That will solve everything. It really will. Northern Tel Aviv is where they must go.

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