Haim Goren
Haim GorenHezki Baruch

Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv Haim Goren on Wednesday filed a complaint with Israel Police against a group of Eritreans who he said attacked his family members.

"I filed a complaint with the police against the attackers," he said. This painful event, in which members of my family were attacked by youths, proves yet again that if we do not deal with the problem of infiltrators and illegal aliens, we will continue to experience the sights which we experienced this past Shabbat, even many years in the future, when the next generation of infiltrators will start rioting."

He continued, "In my position as a council member and as the one charged with the city's security, I continue to operate with a strong hand against those who violate the law, who endanger the residents in the south of the city, and I will not rest despite the attacks against my family, but the reverse."

This past Shabbat violent and severe confrontations between the opponents of the Eritrean regime and its supporters in south Tel Aviv. The police used live fire and during the clashes at least 135 people were injured, among them 30 police officers. At least 39 have been arrested.

Police are struggling to understand the discrepancy between the hospitals' account of 15 individuals with gunshot wounds, and the limited gunfire utilized by the police forces. The central concern is that among the rioting infiltrators, there were those who held weapons and even opened fire at each other.