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A man who decided to identify as a woman and even updated his personal information at the Ministry of the Interior to reflect his choice recently received a message from his healthcare provider recommending that he take folic acid, which is designed to reduce risks during pregnancy.

The message reads, among other things: "According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, it is recommended to take folic acid tablets during the entire period of childbearing age in order to reduce the risk of fetal defects."

In addition, the healthcare provider advised the man to conduct genetic tests to detect pregnancy diseases.

The organization "Choosing Family," which exposed the incident, demanded that the Minister of Health, Moshe Arbel, intervene in the matter and "stop the 'systemic madness,'" as they put it.

The chairman of the organization, Michael Puah, said: "The nonsense that biological sex can be changed hurts the patients themselves, first and foremost. It seems that this does not bother Minister Arbel."