Stickers cursing Itamar Ben Gvir are plastered in the Knesset
Stickers cursing Itamar Ben Gvir are plastered in the KnessetB'tsalmo

Shai Glick, Director General of the B'tsalmo human rights organization, has turned to the Knesset officer, the Knesset's Director General, and the Knesset chairman, asking that they investigate Mehazkim COO Eran Nissan.

"Today I found, in the Knesset bathroom in the men's stall on the left side, on the toilet paper holder (opposite the elevator on the level of the dairy snack bar) ugly vandalism: Someone stuck on a picture with a curse and obscene language which I do not even want to repeat," Glick described.

"The one responsible for disseminating these stickers is the Mehazkim organization, for which Eran Nissan serves as COO. Eran has come many times to the Knesset, and in the past he even fought publicly with MK Almog Cohen, in the halls of the Knesset, and called him names until the MK called over security."

"Obviously, I have no idea if it was indeed him who pasted [the stickers] - but at the same time, he must be interrogated and warned."

Eran Nissan responded to Glick's remarks, telling Israel National News - Arutz Sheva: "We reject Glick's outlandish claims. These stickers are distributed all around Israel, for free and to whoever asks for them, and they are part of the protest against the most failed National Security Minister in the history of the State of Israel. It is his fault and the fault of the terror supporters who he has gathered around him that every civilian, male or female, whether Jew or Arab, is less safe in their homes and in the streets."

"We wish Glick health and mental peace, and to the government of Israel, [we wish] that its days will be as short as possible. The citizens of Israel are invited to come to our stands on Kaplan and at other locations to receive additional stickers."