PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas
PA chairman Mahmoud AbbasReuters

The chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, was recorded expressing antisemitism towards the Jews on the subject of the Holocaust, and claiming that Jews were murdered in the Holocaust not because of their Jewishness but so that the Nazis could seize their money.

"This is explained in many Jewish books," Abbas said. "They say that Hitler killed them because of their Jewishness. Not so. They (the Nazis) fought them because of their social role and not because of their religion." He also said: "Hitler fought the Jews because they dealt in usury and money."

Regarding the immigration of Jews from Arab countries, he claimed that the Jews were not expelled from the countries, but that Ben-Gurion organized riots among the Jews: "He sent people on his behalf to Iraq to kill, destroy and hide explosives in synagogues and all kinds of places in order to force the Iraqi Jews to emigrate and that is what really happened."

"In Egypt there was the Lavon Affair, and then the same thing happened in Morocco," Abbas added.

A year ago, Abbas claimed that the Palestinian Arabs are defending their religious and historical narrative and fighting the false narrative of the "occupation", which lacks any foundation in history, reality, and international law.

He also claimed that all the historical evidence and documents show the Palestinian identity of Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and all the holy places for Islam and Christianity in Jerusalem.

According to him, the Palestinians also have the divine document in the Quran that determines the identity of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In this context, he quoted the first verse of the Sura Al-Isra in which it is said: "Glory be to Him who drove His servant by night from the Holy Mosque to the Farthest Mosque, whose surroundings we have blessed."

"Our conflict with the occupation is fundamentally a political conflict and not a conflict over a particular religion," said Abbas, emphasizing that the Palestinian Arabs will not allow and will not agree to change the legal and historical status of Jerusalem and that Jerusalem and Palestine are not for sale.

He was proud of the fact that the Palestinian Arabs thwarted the entire plan to eliminate the Palestinian problem and in particular the deal of the century, and noted that the struggle is focused on the establishment of the state of Palestine whose capital will be eastern Jerusalem.