Nuriel Dani
Nuriel DaniIsrael National News

Nuriel Dani, the owner of the B-Side, the club in south Tel Aviv that hosted the Eritrean embassy event on Saturday, was hit the hardest after the event deteriorated into a violent riot clash between pro and anti-regime Eritrean nationals.

"Utter destruction. The situation is unprecedented, very bad, very severe. At seven in the morning, I got a message from the manager of the club that he was helpless and in shock, and the streets were full and loud. No one was ready for this, including the police," Dani recounted to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News.

According to him, "The police prepared for the event, they just didn't understand the enormity of the protest and thought these were the nice (anti-government) demonstrators from Kaplan St., who come to sing songs of peace. In fact, they discovered something very different, fearless, and I worry what their (the infiltrators') next step will be because they don't fear the police."

When asked about the estimated value of the damage, he answered: "I still haven't managed to estimate the damage. Unfortunately, beyond the damage, people also canceled events, and customers were in shock to see what happened. We are praying and hoping that we will manage to recuperate and return to operation."

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