Itamar Ben Gvir
Itamar Ben GvirIPS press release

The Prime Minister's Office denied this afternoon (Friday) that a decision was made on the instructions of the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir to the Israel Prison Service to limit the visits of security prisoners' families.

The PMOs statement reads: "In response to reports that a decision has been made regarding the security prisoners: this is fake news. No decision has yet been made and such a decision will not be made, until the special discussion on the issue with the participation of all security agencies, which Prime Minister Netanyahu scheduled for next week."

Minister Ben-Gvir's office responded, "The decision to enforce the IPS regulations and comply with the provisions of the law, including that visits to the families of convicted terrorists will be once every two months and not once a month, was made at a working meeting between the Minister of National Security and the IPS Commissioner, on August 27."

"It was made clear to the commissioner and to every other party that no one is above the law and the order, and that the IPS is obligated to carry out the regulation that states that visits to security prisoners will be once every two months. This is a continuation of the legislation that came into effect today according to which a security prisoner will not be released on early administrative release."

Earlier it was announced that Ben-Gvir ordered to limit the visits of the families of Palestinian security prisoners to once every two months from this Sunday, instead of once a month as is customary today.

Professional officials in the ISA, the IDF and the IPS oppose the move, warning that it could cause a deterioration in the security situation.

On Twitter, the Minister of National Security wrote that "as law enforcement officers, and as the minister in charge of the law enforcement system, the prison service does not have the option to deviate from the provisions of the law and the IPS regulations, which stipulate that families may visit security prisoners in prison once every two months, and not once a month as the IPS has so far allowed. As soon as I was exposed to this fact during a discussion about the conditions of the prisoners, I immediately ordered to act in accordance with the law. Every governmental body must act in accordance with procedures, orders and the law."

Hussein al-Sheikh, secretary of the PLO Executive Committee, warns of the consequences of the policy: "The racist measures against the Palestinian prisoners announced by the racist Ben-Gvir could cause an eruption."

He called for an immediate reversal of this decision, and for the direct intervention of human rights organizations and the Red Cross. The security prisoners plan to start a hunger strike on September 14 due to the decision.

The Hamas movement also condemned the decision of the "terrorist" Ben-Gvir and his "fascist" policy, stressing that he will not be able to break the determination of "our heroic prisoners, as they are on the path to obtain freedom at the expense of the occupation."

A statement issued by the Hamas movement calls the decision "a new crime and a practical application of the sadism of the occupation and of this extremist minister, Ben-Gvir, who is loaded with psychological complexes, and who seeks to satisfy his inflated ego, and to satisfy the will of his fascist extremist public, by abusing defenseless prisoners and the denial of their rights."

According to Hamas, the "fascist" policy will lead to an escalation of the resistance against Israel, and the issue of the security prisoners will continue to be at the top of the l

ist of priorities.