Ministers Kisch and Smorich with Ran Erez
Ministers Kisch and Smorich with Ran Erezspokesperson

Secondary School Teacher's Association chairman Rab Erez announced this evening (Thursday) the cancellation of the planned strike among high school teachers and that the school year would begin as planned.

Erez made the announcement following a private meeting with Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich.

Under the outline agreement reached with Education Minister Yoav Kisch, each teacher will receive a salary increase of NIS 2,000 in exchange for teaching an additional hour.

The supplement to the teachers' salaries will be given out in five installments - the first of which will be NIS 800 in the salary for the month of September.

In September 2024, an additional payment of NIS 600 will be given, and in January 2025, an additional NIS 200.

Through January 2025, teachers will receive an additional NIS 1,600, and another NIS 200 in each of the following two years.

At the same time, teachers' individual study hours will be reduced from six hours to three. The agreement will be for six years, with a built-in mechanism to extend it. In addition, teachers will receive a 1.35% salary increase for remuneration.

The agreement is intended to address the shortage of teachers in Israel, with the additional hours being equivalent to an additional 2,000 teachers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Ran Erez and welcomed the agreement. "I am happy to hear that the strike was averted and that we are resolving the situation and starting the school year with everyone with God's help. This is a very, very important matter and I welcome the agreement."

Netanyahu said that resolving this dispute "was not easy, and I congratulate Education Minister Kisch, Finance Minister Smotrich, and you, Ran Erez. Great work, and may you have a great and successful school year."