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If only our president loved us as much as he loves Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people.

“Volodymyr, baby, this is your pal, Joe, Hunter’s father.”

“Yes, I know. You raised a fine boy.”

‘’Down to business. I’ve sent you another 20 billion dollars, plus more tanks, planes, and missiles. Is that enough?”

“For this week, yes.”

“Don’t worry. There’s more coming. Just ask and it’s yours.”

Meantime in America, Joe fiddled while Hawaii burned…the worst wildfire in centuries, more than 100 dead, thousands missing or dead under the rubble.

People began to ask…where is Joe?

Joe was on vacation, having himself a grand old time…and where is Hawaii anyway?

When asked about the tragic situation, the leader was expected to say, “I weep for Hawaii. I’m ready to help. Just ask and it’s yours.”

Instead, his immediate response was, “No comment,” and only after his advisers pleaded with him to put on a show, for the media, did he rouse himself to pay Hawaii a visit.

So much for empathy, by way of Democrats, for the American people…and on the topic of dangerous stupidity, similar to Ehud Barak’s mindless pullout from Lebanon, which emboldened Hezbollah, was Joe’s senseless pullout from Afghanistan, which left the Taliban in charge, plus military equipment valued into the billions.

Ehud Barak has yet to come clean about the wreck he left behind in Lebanon.

In fact, for his dangerous stupidity, he keeps trying to oust Netanyahu, so that he, Barak, can glorify himself again as prime minister.

Joe has yet to apologize or explain himself to the Gold Star Families, of those 13 US Service Personnel who were murdered at Kabul Airport, because Joe had left them defenseless.

Putin saw this…such weak American leadership…and it gave him the green light to invade Ukraine.

Over in New York City…owned and operated by Democrats…well of course it is a Sanctuary City.

Send us your migrants, they told Joe, who had opened the border to the great unwashed…more than eight million of them, and still counting.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams counts them at 100,000, a mob he never expected, and now he regrets his generosity.

So do the people, who want these invaders out. The citizens are fed up.

But only a few weeks ago, Mayor Adams came forth with the following proposition. He asked New Yorkers to invite and share their homes with these illegal migrants.

In other words, will you please open your doors to people unknown…people who have gone unchecked.

We know nothing as to their health or criminal backgrounds.

This is stupidity as dangerous as all the rest.

Keep voting for such people, and this is what you’ll get.

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