Leah Elyashiv
Leah ElyashivCourtesy of the family

Text: As Leah Elyashiv adjusts the veil, she catches her reflection in the mirror.

With her freckled cheeks and bespectacled green eyes, her face is strikingly reminiscent of her late mother.

These are the cherished moments they would have laughed and cried through together.

Leah is a living testament to resilience. The great-granddaughter of the great Rabbi Elyashiv, she embodies the legacy of faith and strength that her family is renowned for. But the journey to this day hasn't been without its trials. After her mother's heartbreaking passing, the Elyashiv family faced unimaginable challenges.


Recently, a ray of hope emerged. Leah's engagement to Yitzchak Elchanan Spitzer. But she has no parental support or financial assistance. Her situation is heartbreaking.

Endorsements from several respected Rabbinical giants, including Rabbi Dovid Cohen and Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein, accompany her chilling letter of appeal.

"Getting married without my mother and father leading me to the canopy is not simple, but my mother also taught us that G-d does not abandon any Jew. Please, hear my cry. Don’t turn me away," Leah writes.

Time is running out for Leah, and she needs your help now more than ever. Click here to be a part of this critical mitzvah, and to receive blessings from Torah giants who endorse this cause.