Tzvi Benzrihem
Tzvi BenzrihemUnited Hatzalah

On Monday, shortly after 1:00 PM, a 63-year-old resident of a nursing home located in Ra’anana, experienced a sudden cardiac arrest. The staff members of the rehabilitation center initiated CPR and alerted emergency services.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Tzvi Benzrihem was at work when he received the notification on his communication device. The EMT left his office and rushed to the scene in his private vehicle, arriving within approximately 3 minutes. Upon arrival, he found the rehabilitation center staff administering chest compressions to the patient. Benzrihem immediately took command of the resuscitation efforts and attached his defibrillator to the patient; however, no recommendation for defibrillation was indicated.

He then began administering chest compressions and delivering assisted ventilation to the patient using a bag valve mask. After approximately 10 minutes, an intensive care ambulance arrived at the location and began providing advanced resuscitation measures. The combined efforts of the medical team persisted for nearly 30 minutes, during which the patient's pulse was successfully restored—a moment marked by collective relief among the responders and the nursing home staff.

Following the resuscitative endeavors, the woman was carefully transferred to the awaiting ambulance, which subsequently transported her to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

After the incident, Benzrihem remarked, "In these critical moments, every second counts, and our collaborative response was crucial in restoring the patient's pulse. I wish the woman a speedy recovery."