Protest against Japanese radioactive water pumping
Protest against Japanese radioactive water pumpingReuters

Citizens in China have begun boycotting products made in Japan in recent days due to Tokyo's decision to release radioactive water from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima into the ocean.

The civil anger is fueled by the Chinese media, which is controlled by the communist government, which wants to stir up in the shadow of the crisis with the US and Japanese elections that did not please Beijing.

Customers in China have begun returning Japanese-made cosmetic products to stores on the grounds that there is concern that the products are contaminated with radioactive material.

The manufacturers of cosmetics in Japan issued an official clarification that all the products are safe to use and are not contaminated.

During the last week, crowds of Chinese decided to call phone numbers in Japan and called on the residents of Japan to "stop poisoning them".

Following the harsh criticism of the decision to pump radioactive water towards China, South Korea and other countries, the International Atomic Energy Agency clarified that it had looked into the matter of releasing the water and said that the damage was negligible.

Despite this, the media in China has promoted messages against the purchase of Japanese products and statements by Chinese network stars according to which: "We will never buy Japanese products. Japan must pay the price for its actions."

A network star for technology affairs in China named Liu Su deleted a video in which he claimed that the IAEA statements were true and there was no danger. According to American reports, the Chinese secret service forced him to delete the video and publish an apology.

Tensions between China and its neighbors Japan, South Korea, and others have increased in recent months, especially after a recent summit at Camp David in which the countries agreed on security and economic cooperation with the United States.