Rimonim Prison
Rimonim PrisonFlash 90

The Israel Prison Service yesterday (Monday) forbade five administrative detainees who are staying in Rimonim Prison from going to the religious wing, according to the families as punishment for the rally in support of them last Shabbat night.

According to the families, another detainee was even severely beaten by the guards and sent to solitary confinement for a week.

Among the families of the detainees, it is said that as of last Friday, threatening and direct messages were delivered to the detainees from the guards, according to which if another rally takes place - they will be immediately imprisoned in solitary confinement.

The families of the detainees also say that in order to increase the pressure and threat on the detainees, the prison commander decided a few hours later as a collective punishment to imprison all the prisoners of the wing - about 60 in number - in their cells, which resulted in great anger and threats from the prisoners towards the administrative detainees.

Yehuda Lubetzky, the father of Yair Lubetzky - one of the administrative detainees - harshly criticized the conduct of the guards: "This is a 'price tag' attack by the IPS, using disgraceful and shocking methods that we remember from the days of the Iron Curtain in communist Russia. The attempt to threaten detainees In prison, placing them in harsh conditions, and generating hostility and massive pressure towards them from the dozens of prisoners around them in order to eradicate legitimate protest outside the prison is a verbatim copy of the KGB's methods."

"I am still amazed and find it difficult to digest that even in the State of Israel under the right-wing government, such draconian methods of operation of arrests without trial and political incitement continue as usual. I call on the right-wing ministers to come to their senses and stop today this campaign of harassment that was carried out under their rule," Lubetzki claimed.

The IPS commented: "The detainee was punished for violating discipline and order within the prison." The organization refused to respond to the rest of the allegations in the article.