The theft in progress
The theft in progressCourtesy

Several street children from Ashdod broke into a synagogue in the haredi district on Shabbat night where a celebration for a newlywed couple was held and stole the food prepared for the Shabbat meal.

A look at the security cameras of the place revealed the theft and the boys gorging themselves on the stolen food.

"A group of brats go around on Saturday night and enter the kitchens of caterers and steal food and beers and XL energy drinks," warned a relative of the s[ponsor of the banquet.

He says that huge amounts of food and drink disappeared and that the host was at a loss and felt great discomfort from his guests. "The same goes for the catering owner who didn't know what to do. It was only after a look at the security cameras that the real reason for the large shortage was clarified."