Ministers Arbel (Right) and Ben-Gvir (Left)
Ministers Arbel (Right) and Ben-Gvir (Left)Flash 90

In an interview today (Monday) with Kikar Hashabbat, Minister of the Interior and Health Moshe Arbel commented on statements by of the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir according to which the right of him, his wife and his children to move around in Judea and Samaria precedes the right of the Arabs to travel in the same area.

"The wise must be careful with their words, there is no doubt that the right to movement is lower than the right to life. There is no question about that. But a statement that comes and says, Arabs as a whole, as a collective, as if they are all terrorists - is illegitimate. And we need to review sevenfold everything we say, since it will be interpreted. We are not making protest speeches anymore."

Knesset member Ahmed Tibi welcomed the words and wrote: "Even the obvious must be said. We don't always agree but it is something different, different. The difference between Interior Minister Arbel and Ben-Gvir, between Arbel and his predecessor Ayelet Shaked."

Regarding the reform of the judicial system, he said: "If we, as a minority in the country, want to look forward to the future, we need to understand that important changes, however important they may be, must be based on agreement, understanding and negotiation. Without this, we will have a pendulum movement. Immediately after the elections, when we find ourselves in the opposition, another government will come And cancel what you have achieved. So what is the goal? To achieve a temporary victory? If you want to make a change - you have to do things by agreement."

Regarding the Attorney General, he said: "Fire her? Why? Unequivocally no. She is not an enemy of the people. Do you know who she is married to? She is married to a man who gave his life to the security of the state, today he is sick. And this discourse that members of the Knesset from the coalition call her an 'enemy of the people' is an ugly, unacceptable discourse, in light of what she gave and her family gave for Israel's security. I manage to work with her, even if we disagree. I want us to attribute good intentions to those we disagree