The Israeli leftist movement "Kumi Israel" on Sunday attacked haredi journalist Yisrael Cohen, who wrote against the distribution of Christian missionary materials.

Cohen wrote: "There's no end to the chutzpah, missionaries put envelopes with missionary booklets in the mailboxes of Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein OBM, the rabbi of Ramat Hasharon, and of his son Rabbi Shmuel Edelstein, the head of the Ramat Hasharon rabbinical court."

In response, the movement wrote: "Is that not what you do everywhere all the time? Spread your fantasies to the secular public, which isn't interested in you?"

Cohen answered: "A. We don't put it in the mail; we hand it out in the street, and whoever wants takes it. B. You compare Jewish heritage, which is our past and future, to Christian proselytization and preaching?"

"Religion is stupid. There is no difference between the nonsense that you believe into those of the Christians and the Muslims," the movement wrote and added that it is only "a different language for different idiots. Proselytization is proselytization. In the eyes of others (most of the normal world), you are just that. A missionary who tries to convert secular people and to bring them into the cult that you're part of. It's very simple."