Yoseph Haddad
Yoseph HaddadIsrael National News

Arab-Israeli advocacy activist Yoseph Haddad reported that he was assaulted while boarding a flight from Dubai to Israel. According to him the attackers were Arabs who recognized him and his family.

"My family and I were attacked on the way to the flight from Dubai to Israel by a number of people from my society who recognized me and attacked us only because of who I am, because of my views and my actions for the State of Israel," he wrote on social media, adding that the assault constituted "a verbal and physical attack that resulted in my mother injuring her hand."

Haddad thanked the authorities in Dubai who treated him matter-of-factly in the case and gave him warm treatment. Haddad thanked Israel's Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Amir Hayek, and the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "for all the concern and accompaniment late at night from afar."

"We have already returned to Israel and we are fine," he added, "I want to tell all the attackers and the other people who think that they will stop me through violence and intimidation - in spite of you and your anger I will continue with all my might, you will not stop me and you are only making me continue and get stronger and stronger," Haddad concluded.

"And to my dear family - thank you for being strong and absorbing and sacrificing for my path, I simply love you."