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Two haredi yeshiva students who were violently attacked a year ago in the Old City of Jerusalem with punches and kicks by a Palestinian Arab filed a civil lawsuit against him for 100,000 NIS.

The Arab man was arrested and convicted of assault and was sentenced to six months in prison and 1,000 NIS in compensation.

The indictment filed against the Arab describes the violent attack: "On August 19, 2022, the accused was standing with others on Malavia Street in the Old City of Jerusalem. At that time, the complainants came out, both of them wearing haredi garb, one of them with tefillin on his head. The accused and the others noticed the complainants approaching them and decided to attack the complainants. The accused ran towards one of the complainants and kicked him hard in the back. As a result of the blow, the complainant fell to the floor. At this point, the accused and the others began to attack the complainants together with kicks and punches."

"At the same time as described above, the accused picked up a wooden pallet and together with the others began to run after the complainants with the pallet in his hand, while the complainants fled the scene, and as the complainants fled, the accused threw the pallet he was holding in his hand in the direction of the complainants, all with a motive of racism. In his actions described above, the defendant attacked the complainants when two were present who teamed up to commit the act, illegally, and caused real damage, all with a racial motive."

Attorney Chaim Bleicher, Director of the Hate Victims Department of the Honenu legal aid organization, said that "the bodies, blood, and honor of Jews in the Land of Israel and in Jerusalem are not ownerless, and we must not let any Islamist terrorist with feel that he can harm, trample, and desecrate the lives and honor of the children of Israel. We in the Honenu organization will continue to work to create a clear equation of a heavy price for antisemitic terrorist attacks on Jews and to bring about the strengthening of deterrence against those rioters, their friends, and supporters."