The scene of the murder of an Arab mayoral candidate on Tuesday
The scene of the murder of an Arab mayoral candidate on TuesdayMDA spokesperson

The Shin Bet is pointing at 15 to 20 Arab local authorities in which there are threats by crime families against candidates, voters, and elected officials, Kan News reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, security officials are bothered by the fact that in these localities, the freedom of choice could be harmed during the municipal elections that are set for October, and there is a need for special security deployment beyond the police.

Earlier Wednesday, the ministerial committee formed to address the fight against crime in the Arab sector, decided that the Shin Bet shouldl assist the police in the fight against crime in Arab society.

The committee, chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that the Shin Bet will assist the police in everything related to the upcoming municipal elections within the framework of its mandate and duties under the law.

During Wednesday's committee meeting, there was opposition to National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir's proposal to make use of administrative arrests against criminals, including from the Justice Minister, security bodies, and the Attorney General.

Minister Ben-Gvir discussed the issue and declared that 'crime in the Arab sector is likely to spill over into the Jewish sector and all of Israel. We have no time, this will go from a crime problem to an existential threat to Israel.

He was asked about the Shin Bet director's refusal to assist in the fight against Arab crime and answered: "With all due respect, I have 14 seats in the Knesset."