Levin and Edelstein
Levin and EdelsteinIsrael National News

Justice Minister Yariv Levin met today (Wednesday) with a member of his party, MK Yuli Edelstein, for fear that he will lose the majority in the Knesset to support the further advancement of the reform of the judicial system.

Several protesters against the reform arrived at the meeting held at Edelstein's house in Herzliya and shouted "shame" at the car of the Minister of Justice as he left after the meeting.

Edelstein is considered a weak link in the coalition with regard to his support for the further promotion of the reform of the judicial system. A few weeks ago, he said in an interview with Channel 12 News: "We fell asleep on the job, we were not afraid to admit a mistake. This story that every time there is a compromise, someone vetoes the coalition and threatens - is over."

"So I'm announcing: from now on, you coordinate with me what goes up, how we do things, and if not? Then that means you don't need my vote," Edelstein added.