MK Atty. Simcha Rothman
MK Atty. Simcha RothmanIsrael National News

Chairman of the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee MK Simcha Rothman and his wife submitted to the court a request for a restraining order against 400 activists protesting against the judicial reform, Ynet reported.

In addition, Rothman attached a link to WhatsApp groups with hundreds of members where he claims they are spreading information about his location and therefore asked to issue a restraining order against all the members of the group.

The request states that "Recently, the respondents began to pursue the applicants, everywhere - whether in Israel or around the world, infringing on their privacy and with intent to harm - and there is a real fear that the respondents who act in a very radical manner will harm the applicants."

"During the last few days, the respondents carried out detective operations against the applicants and published personal information regarding the movements and location of the applicants, as the respondents wish to sabotage their private vacation in violation of the Privacy Protection Law," the request states.

Following the request, his lawyer Uriel Nazri wrote: "The honorable court will be asked to order the closure of all such groups on WhatsApp and to prohibit tracking, spying, or real-time location posting which are intended by their definition and stated purpose to trample on the privacy of the applicant and even worse,of his family members."