MK Limor Sohn Har-Malekh (Otzma Yehudit) this morning criticized Defense Minister Yoav Gallant following the latest terror attack near Hebron yesterday (Monday).

"What is expected of the Minister of Defense is to take care of the security and lives of the citizens of Israel. The decisions on the ground are not synchronized with this expectation and the Minister of Defense should stand by that, she said on Kol Hai radio. "He's not right-wing. Unfortunately, the thing that is most important to him is chasing hilltop youth instead of protecting the lives of citizens. Every day there are dozens of attempted attacks that are silenced and no one reports them."

"The security policy has been lax for many years and now we are struggling to change it," she said, adding that "the defense minister is cooperating with that lax security system. The government is just a rubber stamp."

According to her, "the decision not to impose lockdowns and set up roadblocks is not a good one. The political echelon approves the decisions of the security top brass and it is time to see a brave leadership that will change the paradigm. This is Minister Ben-Gvir's call to the cabinet meeting."

In response to the presenters who claimed that an apology should be made to the previous government since it experienced less terror attacks, she said: "What do we have to apologize for? The previous government was very bad and also dangerous for Israel's security. Our memory is very short but we have to remember that it was a failure."

Finally, Har-Melekh shared her personal feeling: "I know the difficult feelings intimately. I myself experienced an attack when my husband was murdered in front of my eyes. We will take care of the serious situation but it won't happen in a day. In the Foreign Affairs Committee I always say. The present situation is not tenable. The Palestinian Authority is not a partner - neither for peace nor for any kind of agreement."