Ofer Cassif
Ofer CassifYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara will file an indictment against MK Ofer Cassif (Hadash), Kan Reshet Bet reported Tuesday morning.

In May 2022, Cassif was involved in a physcal altercation with a police officer during a protest near Hebron. During the protest, Cassif was filmed hitting a police officer in the head. In March, Cassif was summoned for a hearing on the matter, but his claims were rejected. As such, Baharav-Miara is expected to adopt the position of Lahav 433 and other legal sources, including the State Prosecutor.

The indictment will be filed on the grounds of suspected aggravated assault on a police officer. The suspicions relate to Cassif's conduct during a demonstration that took place in May 2022 in protest of a Supreme Court ruling that ordered the evacuation of villages on Mount Hebron.

As part of the preparation of the security forces for the evacuation, they were ordered to restrict bus traffic and declared various locations in the area as closed military zones. Despite this, there was a demonstration in the area, during which a Border Police officer informed MK Cassif that he could not enter the area with his vehicle and join a crowd of demonstrators who were standing a short distance from him.

Despite what was said to him, the Knesset member asked to enter the demonstration area with his vehicle and an argument developed between him and the police officers, at the end of which Cassif got into his vehicle and started driving slowly until he hit the leg of a police officer who was blocking his path.

In response, the officer hit the hood of the vehicle and shouted at MK Cassif, who is suspected of getting out of his vehicle at that point and hitting the officer in the head.

This past October, the Israel Police completed their investigation into the incident and recommended to Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara that Cassif be prosecuted on charges of assaulting an officer.

Cassif's attorney responded, "We have received the news that our claims during the hearing held by the Attorney General were rejected. We respect the decision even though we disagree with it. I hope that we will be able to clarify in the court how completely different things were than how they are presented in the indictment. I still hope that the court will acquit MK Cassif."