Batsheva Nigri's funeral
Batsheva Nigri's funeralIsrael National News

The funeral for Batsheva Nigri (42), the mother of three who was murdered in a shooting attack on Monday morning, was held on Monday evening in Beit Hagai in the southern Hebron Hills. Among those present was Hebron resident Settlement Minister Orit Strock.

Rabbi Moshe Rabinowitz, the rabbi of Beit Hagai, eulogized her and spoke about her kindness and giving, "A world of kindness was in your home, true kindness, without thinking about it."

Hadar Bookspan, a friend of Batsheva's, eulogized: "Almost every Shabbat, we would go to prayer together, I loved speaking to you on the bench, you would talk proudly about the children and the satisfaction you had at work. I was privileged to have a close friend, intensive, supportive, and encouraging, who gives smart advice, you were driven by a goal - to give in any way possible."

Meir Schechter, the local administration director, called on the government to make decisions, "How much shame in the face of this wave of terror? The time has come that our enemies know that there is a price, the state of Israel must launch an all-out war on terror. The Beit Hagai community is joyful and full of kindness. All this good, I promise you, Batsheva, will only grow. We demand that the government expand the village. When will there be a program to build in Judea and Samaria? And not as an answer to terror attacks. We warned about this road. I call on the Israeli government: move from words to actions."

Mount Hebron Regional Council head Yohai Damari addressed the Israeli government: "It's not enough to just catch the murderers, our soldiers will do that valiantly. We have to prevent the next death, to drain the swamp, the Palestinian Authority, which educates to terror, we have to act with a strong hand."

Sherry, Nigri's sister, paid tribute to her and said: "You lit up every place you went to, you were infectious with your energy and joy of life. We will stay strong and take care of mother, and your sweet children."

"We will remain one and united family. I promise to tell my Noam about you. May God send strength to the family and I wish everyone would take just one quality from you and the world will become a better place," she added.

Aryeh Gotleib, who was driving Batsheva and her daughter and was wounded by the gunfire, left the operation room at Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva, his condition continues to be serious yet stable.

Dr. Assaf Aker, the director of the orthopedic trauma unit at Soroka, said that Gotleib "suffered broken limbs and severe bleeding. Initial care was administered to save his limbs, after which the victim was transferred to the intensive care unit."