New York City Mayor Eric Adams landed in Israel on Monday for a three-day visit. Arutz Sheva - Israel National News caught up with the Mayor upon his arrival and spoke to him about his connection with the Jewish state.

"This is my third trip to Israel," he said. "I came twice as Brooklyn Borough President and now as Mayor. Coming as Mayor is the continuation of a rich tradition. As both Brooklyn Borough President and State Senator, I have represented one of the biggest Jewish communities outside Israel."

Adams discussed his personal relationship with Israel and the Jewish people. "I've always said that Brooklyn and New York are the Tel Aviv of America," he joked.

The Mayor also mentioned New York's shared interests with Israel. "My team put together a cross-section about technology. Israel is known for having some of the best tech companies, and we're looking at using technology from building inspections to public safety and early detection of viruses - whatever we can do, we want to really build this partnership between Israel and New York City on how we can share information."

Many people know my feelings about faith, and having this cross-section of religions here means a lot for our trip, and we're going to try to pack as much as we can into the coming three days and accomplish as much as possible," said Adams.