Scene of the attack
Scene of the attackChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Aryeh Gotlieb, a 40-year-old father of six from the community of Beit Hagai in the Mount Hebron area, was severely wounded on Monday in a drive-by shooting attack near Hebron.

Gotlieb was giving a ride to Batsheva Nigri and her six-year-old daughter from Beit Hagai. He was severely wounded and was evacuated to Soroka Medical Center with gunshot wounds to his limbs. He had continued to drive despite his wounds until he reached a safe place where the wounded were treated.

Israel Lior, Gotlieb's brother-in-law, discussed the attack and stated: "I ask to send condolences to the family of Batsheva Nigri, the victim, her entire family, and the dear Beit Hagai family. She was a dear woman who wanted to help the community. Yesterday, she was in contact with my sister to volunteer to help with the community Shabbat."

He added: "I ask the public to pray for my dear bother-in-law, a good husband and amazing father to six sweet children, who went to buy school books."

He criticized: "The cursed terrorist took advantage of the leniencies on the roads that are granted to the Arab enemy so it can continue routine life between one attack and the next, and harm us, those who live here, time and again."

Lior turned his criticism on the government: "I want to take advantage of this platform to turn to the government and its leader, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, we don't want to hear that saying 'that we'll catch the murderers.' That's not how you fight the enemy. We have to change the mentality of the Oslo Accords. There is a nation that wants to remove us from the land of our forefathers and that tries to harm us, and the time has come that we fight back. The murderer, the accomplices, and the extended family should be deported. They should be barred from any road where they harmed us."

Regarding his brother-in-law's condition, he said: "We know he was wounded in his limbs and was conscious. He was a hero after the incident, as even after the shooting, he continued driving so he could reach someone who could help and report it. With superhuman strength, he operated the vehicle until he reached the place where they treated him, and we are sure these acts will stand to his credit, and he will quickly recover."