Shai and his son Aviad
Shai and his son AviadCourtesy of the family

Israeli security forces on Monday morning are continuing the search for a terrorist who carried out a deadly attack in Huwara on Saturday, murdering Shai Silas Nigreker and his son Aviad Nir.

The IDF believes that within a short time, it will be possible to capture the terrorist. From initial investigations, it seems that the terrorist acted alone after identifying an opportunity to harm Israelis.

Over the past 24 hours, significant progress has been made in investigating the terror attack, as those close to the terrorist were interrogated and testimonies from others close to him were collected. Security forces are continuing to act on the ground, in an attempt to locate the terrorist, and the efforts to lay hands on him continue in the intelligence arena as well.

Initial investigations show that the terrorist arrived on foot to a location on the road where security was not reinforced during Shabbat. The terrorist then entered a car wash, where the Nigreker and Nir's vehicle was parked after the two ran errands in Huwara earlier in the day. The terrorist identified the father and son as Israelis after they spoke in Hebrew, and fired five bullets at them from point-blank range. He then escaped on foot. Later, his weapon was discovered.

On Sunday, Nigreker, 60, and Nir, 28, were laid to rest, in a funeral attended by hundreds of people.