airport security (illustration)
airport security (illustration)iStock

Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, the rabbi of Berlin, was asked to remove his kippah by security at the city's airport several days ago. Rabbi Teichtal flatly refused to do so.

According to journalist Itamar Eichner's report, the security personnel tried to explain to the rabbi that this was a legal procedure and that all those passing through the security gates obeyed the instructions. Rabbi Teichtal explained to them that as far as he was aware there is no such law, and reiterated his refusal.

Upon his return to Berlin, Rabbi Teichtal met with the President of the German Federal Police, Dr. Dieter Romann, who expressed amazement at the rabbi's experience at the airport and confirmed that there is no law requiring him to remove his kippah.

"The commissioner issued an order to all federal police officers in the country, to stop this procedure - which was never official," said Rabbi Teichtal, "and what's more, the president of the police officially approved these orders and also approved publishing them."

This morning (Monday), Rabbi Teichtal took off from Berlin again, and this time he was not asked to take off his kippah during the security check. "You can leave the kippah on your head," he was told during the security check.