Shai and Aviad are laid to rest
Shai and Aviad are laid to restHezki Baruch

Aviad Nir, 28, and his father, Shai Silas Nigreker, 60, from Ashdod, who were murdered in a shooting attack on Saturday in Huwara, were laid to rest on Sunday.

Ashdod Mayor Dr. Yehiel Lasry eulogized. "A father and son were murdered by despicable men only because they were Jews. Shai was a joyful man with a giant heart, his dear son was known to us in Ashdod as a good man who was happy with his lot and was always available to help and a dedicated father, despicable men cut his life short. Not only has the village of Huwara turned into a death trap, but the entire land of Israel has become a front. Everywhere, our enemies hatefully try to exterminate us just because we are Jews.

This is a long fight that took a heavy and painful toll on us. The price of an entire country in an endless fight for our right to the land. Terrorism doesn't differentiate between right and left, between Sefardi and Ashkenazi. Our enemies remind us of our joint fate as Jews. We must find unity between us, and we are obligated to stand together for the continued existence of our home and state."

Interior Minister Moshe Arbel stated at the funeral: "I came here in the name of the government of Israel to sympathize with the family over this heavy tragedy. The Torah forbids cruelty to animals, from slaughtering an animal and its child in the same day, and the terrorists slaughtered a father and son in one day."

The head of the Ashdod Religious Council stated: "On the eve of Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year), we are at a funeral today, the father to sacrifice and the son to be sacrificed, and both of them were sacrificed. A father and son who were murdered because they were Jews, and we are sacrificed daily because we are Jews."

Yitzhak, a relative of the victims, wondered at the funeral: "Where was the military? The military was on vacation yesterday. Today two good people were forsaken by the military. I don't blame the state of Israel, I blame only the military."

A friend of the family, Simona, eulogized: "You were like a father to me. You loved to tour the land of Israel without fear, at the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel's Tomb. He would tour the land of Israel without fear."

Initial investigations show that the terrorist arrived on foot to a location on the road where security was not reinforced on Saturday. The terrorist then entered a car wash, where the pair's vehicle was parked after the two ran errands in Huwara earlier in the day. The terrorist identified the pair as Israelis after they spoke in Hebrew and fired five bullets at them from point-blank range. He then escaped on foot. Later, his weapon was discovered.

Following the attack on Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "I send condolences to the family of the two murdered victims, a father and son, whose lives were cut short in such a cruel and criminal fashion over Shabbat. Security forces are working with great vigor in order to capture the murderer and bring him to justice, exactly as we have done with all of the murderers until now."

Israeli President Isaac Herzog responded, "This was a sad Shabbat, which ended with great pain after two people, a father and son, were murdered in a serious terror attack in Huwara. I am sure that the IDF and security forces will lay hands on the despicable murderer. We must not let terror defeat us."