Demolition of an illegal building. Archive
Demolition of an illegal building. ArchiveWisam Hashlamoun, Flash 90

The IDF Civil Administration on Thursday demolished a complex of illegally built structures that served as a school on state-owned property in Ein Samiya in the Binyamin Region.

The buildings were constructed approximately a year and a half ago in violation of orders to halt work to demolish them.

Shortly after the demolitions, the European Union confirmed on social media that it had funded the illegal structures and even demanded that Israel recompensate the funding.

"Appalled by the demolition of the EU-funded school in Ein Samiya in the Occupied West Bank. Call on Israel to respect Palestinian children’s right to education and to compensate EU for the funding lost," the EU delegation to the Palestinians wrote.

In June, left-wing organizations had claimed that the village was evacuated because of "settler violence," yet the village has been shown to be active recently. The European Commission is demanding compensation for the building they funded and is threatening to sue if not compensated.

Lach Yerushalayim and Im Tirtzu responded to the demands, stating: "The criminals are demanding compensation. A new concept for the EU's hostile Commission for PA Territory. We reiterate our call on the Foreign Minister to immediately summon the EU representative for a reprimand and to act to stop the EU from funding illegal construction. In addition, the government must continue to vigorously enforce against illegal construction and even sue the EU for financing the construction."