Knesset plenum
Knesset plenumNoam Moshkovitz - Knesset spokesman

For the first time, the Knesset will hold a slichot concert during the Ten Days of Repentance and as part of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel.

Hundreds of participants are expected to take part in the event along with dozens of Andalusian orchestra players and artists including Shuli Rand, Amir Benayoun, Eli Luzon and the young bard Shir Yifrach. As part of the new tradition, the Knesset will hold a unity concert during the High Holidays - a powerful combination of lights and sound in the leadup to Yom Kippur.

The musicians, winners of the Israel Prize, who have combined all parts of contemporary Israeli culture with the help of Andalusian music and poetry of the piyot (part of the Yom Kippur prayer service), will combine old and new, and East and West as part of deepening the Knesset's connection to the general public. '

Among the songs that will resound in the Knesset's official ceremonial plaza, under the title "Tishrei Events," along with the unique lighting of the Knesset building, it will be possible to find the duet of Luzon and Elmaliach, "Why are you going to sleep?", Rand's classic performance of "Ayecha?," alongside "Et Sha'arei Razon" by the talented bard Yifrach with all the songs accompanied by the Andalusian Ashdod Ensemble.

The Knesset stated that entry to the event will be free of charge and open to the general public, with pre-registration through the Knesset website on September 4-7.

Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, who initiated the event, said that "the event will be the beginning of a tradition, as part of my policy of opening the Knesset to all parts of the Israeli public, making the institution more accessible, and reducing the gap between the public and its elected officials."

"The days of repentance and forgiveness is an auspicious time and an opportunity to bridge gaps, meet each other, and remember that we part of one nation. In this show of forgiveness, which is the essence of the soundtrack of the Jewish soul wherever it is - East, West, religious and secular; we will all come together to sing 'The Lord of Forgiveness' in prayer to Heaven for a year in which we will overcome crises and difficulties in hopes of reaching unity so that all our enemies will know that the same prayers that accompanied us in the land and the Diaspora throughout the generations and protected us as a people in the past - will continue to do so in the future," he was quoted as saying.