topping a statue of Netanyahu in Tel Aviv (archive)
topping a statue of Netanyahu in Tel Aviv (archive)Miriam Alster/Flash90

The "Yehudit" organization filed a complaint with the police this morning (Sunday) against those responsible for placing a nude statue of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Kibbutz Shefayim. Underneath the statue is written: "The king is naked."

Yehudit CEO Moriah Litvak said that "The law states that an indecent act done for the purpose of causing humiliation is considered sexual harassment. It is clear to everyone that this is a deliberate attack against the Prime Minister and the entire national camp, and it is not for nothing that such a dark and blatant statue was placed."

"Sexual harassment as part of a protest, no matter how just the protest, is wrong and deserves full condemnation. I expect the Israel Police to remove the statue immediately, arrest those responsible and bring them to justice," she said.

Last night (Saturday), anti-government protestors demonstrated at hundreds of locations across the country. At one point, demonstrators blocked the Ayalon Highway for 20 minutes.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid spoke at a protest in the Krayot, on the outskirts of Haifa, and blasted the government, saying, "It attacked the Chief of Staff, because it hates the truth. It doesn't want to hear it, but it will have no choice."

"The problem is not the competence of the IDF. The problem is the competence of Netanyahu. The problem is that they are destroying us from within," he added.

Lapid continued, "Netanyahu has no control over anything. This is a dysfunctional government and it needs to go home. This is our plan. Not to believe in miracles that won't happen. Not to go for a fake unity that will break our moral spine. Fight them until they go. Not blink, not to save them from themselves, to fight until this government falls."

"It's not far away. This government will fall and we will go to elections and come back with a true unity government. A decent, non-corrupt, non-toxic government that will begin to heal the wounds of the people of Israel. Change comes when people decide they are not ready to give up. When they decide to stand up to the lies, and to the violence, and to say: Hope will win, truth will win, the Israeli majority will win. The Israeli majority will win over the extremist government. It is a large and huge majority, millions of citizens who say to the government, we will not give up our country, we will not give up Zionism, we will never give up on the future of our children."

Shikma Bresler, one of the leaders of the protest, spoke at the rally in Tel Aviv and said, "We want a country in which the values of justice, freedom and equality flow, a Jewish and democratic state, where women sit where they want, sing when they want and wear what they want."