Amir Ohana
Amir OhanaAvi Ohayon/GPO

A protester against the judicial reform uploaded to the internet footage from a vacation in Thailand during which she verbally attacked Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana and his family.

"So I met Amir Ohana in Ko Samui and I had a few things to say to him, that nothing," the protester wrote on her Twitter alongside the footage. "In response, I received threats of beatings from his partner (who disappeared a second after I reminded him that we were in Thailand), then I came back and talked to Ohana again but it didn't really interest him, what interested him was that his children would hear the truth and, as usual, he evades responsibility."

Journalist Yinon Magal wrote, "A brave soldier of the protest managed to startle two twins on the week they turn eight, and it's been a long time since they got some quality time with dad. The beautiful Israeli has never looked uglier."