Yossi Dagan with military commanders
Yossi Dagan with military commandersSamaria Regional Council

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan on Saturday evening responded to a terror attack in Huwara which left a father and son dead.

Beginning Saturday afternoon, shortly after the terror attack occurred, Dagan received regular updates from the IDF commander in charge of the Judea and Samaria Region, and from the Samaria Brigade commander. He also held situational assessments on the phone. Immediately following the conclusion of Shabbat, Dagan called on the government to begin a widescale military operation targetign the areas from which terror attacks emanate.

"What has worked in the past is what will work today," he emphasized. "There are no shortcuts in the war against terror."

Dagan also sent condolences to the family, in the name of all residents of Samaria.

"This is an awful evening and an awful day for every Jew and every human being, and everyone, whoever he is," he began. "I send condolences and I join the pain of the family of those murdered, who were murdered even though they had done nothing wrong, and I send an enormous embrace and enormous support to the IDF soldiers who are protecting the security of our land, and who stand on guard for the State of Israel. [I send] an enormous embrace to all of the settlers in Samaria, who stand heroically every day, at the forefront of the battle against terror, for the sake of the nation of Israel. Throughout Shabbat, since the afternoon hours, I have been receiving reports from all of the security bodies. I also held a situational assessment with security bodies. We trust the IDF commanders and the soldiers, who are doing everything they can."

"I turn to the Israeli government with a call and demand: Everyone knows that we are facing barbarians, people who have no humanity. These terrorists are animals which walk on two legs, and they need to be treated accordingly. They should be treated as people who see people going to wash their car - and murder them."

"This terror is led directly by the terrorist in a suit, [Palestinian Authority chairman] Mahmoud Abbas, who receives money from us - from the State of Israel, from the Israeli government, from the right wing government - and uses it instead of for hospitals, for incitement and to fund terror," Dagan stressed. "The writing is on the wall; this terror, this blood, is on the hands of the terrorist in a suit, Mahmoud Abbas."

"I demand that we surround all the places from which terror emanates - this is what they did in the past, and it fully eliminated the terror. I demand that the government began a long and ongoing operation. There is no shortcut to the battle against terror. What worked in the past will work today: encirclement - a full closure - and an extended military operation in every area from which terror emanates: the area of Shechem (Nablus) and the Beitot area. What worked in the past will work again today. The settlements in Samaria will continue to grow, to become stronger. This is the strategic process against terror - and we will win."