Avi Abelowis the host of the Pulse of Israel daily video/podcast (PulseofIsrael.com) and the CEO of 12Tribe Films Foundation. After working as a change management consultant for Accenture in NYC and opening up their Israel office in Tel Aviv, Avi then produced the acclaimed movie “Home Game” about Gush Katif. Due to the success of “Home Game” worldwide, Avi made a career change to dedicate his time to using media, videos and social media to promote the politically incorrect truth about Israel, the Jewish people and the freedom-loving world. Today, Avi also is the Director of 12Tribe Films which manages IsraelUnwired.com.

    All the insanity in Israel today with the protest movement was never about judicial reform. Repeat after me, it was never about the judicial reform. Hence, Ehud Barak was talking about civil disobedience and IDF soldiers refusing to serve back in 2020 (click here to watch the video)! The judicial reform was only introduced in 2023!

    The sooner people wake up to what is really going on, the sooner we can grow from this extremely sad episode.

    Just look at the difference between the two headlines side by side below.

    “Too few secular Israelis for a secular revolt” was published right after the right-wing won the last election, published on Dec. 11th, 2022. The elite anti-Jewish left hated that not enough secular Israelis voted with hatred to stop a right-wing, religious government.

    Then, the article “Israel’s Long Awaited Secular Uprising is Finally Here” was published on March 10th, 2023 after the anti-government protest movement under the fake “judicial reform” protest started to heat up in the streets.

    That is all you need to know about the protest movement in Israel today. Nothing about judicial reform, and everything to do with a tiny elite that hates their fellow, proud, traditional and religious Jews.

    Now, all will be good. Just stick with me, because I first want to point out how when it looks like things can’t get worse, they then do get worse.

    However, you know me, this is all part of a necessary process we are going through as a Jewish people, a necessary wake-up/clarification process, and even though it is sad and painful, we will come out of it much stronger and much more united as a people.

    So, what recent events show how things have gotten worse?

    Well, one retired, highly decorated, IDF General by the name of Amiram Levin, recently compared the IDF to nazis…and one anti-government, unhinged protestor called an assistant to a Knesset MK, a religious woman, a judo-nazi…

    And on top of all of that, our own IDF and Israeli security services created a blood libel, being parroted all around the world, blaming an innocent Jew for killing an Arab, when all he did was act in self-defense to protect himself and the Jewish shepherds he was with from the horde of Arabs who were attacking them. And the Arab was buried by his cohorts before anyone could check if he was killed by the Jew's bullet.

    Even more infuriating, is that the IDF publicized this message to the world before there was even any investigation into what actually happened, yet they ran to the press calling an innocent Jewish shepherd a “terrrorist” solely based on Arab sources, sources known to lie about, well, everything.

    So, how do we go from here?

    First of all, we understand, that too many Jews today, on the political left, hate their fellow Jews more than they hate our actual enemies, who literally try to kill us, and educate their children to kill us everyday. Hence, they have such venom in their eyes, and enjoy comparing fellow Jews to nazis.

    They are doing everything they can to turn the public against the religious, and the "settlers", by warning about the “rise in nationalist terrorism”.

    And it’s not just the anti-Jewish Haaretz newspaper pushing this narrative, but senior officials within the IDF, our security forces and the justice system.

    While the Attorney General’s office, the Supreme Court and the Defense Authorities have wanted to keep the injured Jewish "settler", who shot in self-defense, in jail, the lower court, that actually bases its decisions on proof, decided to free the innocent Jew to house-arrest. Yet, he still remains in jail because of pressure by senior officials in the security establishment.

    So, what is going on here?

    Well, a tiny elite who run the country, want Jews to ignore the more than 100+ year terror war being waged by our Arab neighbors against us, started back in the early 1900s when there was no state of Israel, no Jewish presence in Judea & Samaria, no settlements, and no “occupation” or “apartheid”, and instead they want people to be mad at fellow Jews for living as proud Jews in our ancestral homeland. So, they are pushing the lie of a growing nationalist terrorism, so that the world will hate those “evil settlers”, even more, leading to pressure to get rid of them.

    This is a huge, huge problem. And this campaign against this innocent Israeli is bring run with the assistance of senior officials in the IDF, the justice system and Israel’s security apparatus!

    We can no longer ignore this reality.

    Again, what we see from this whole episode, together with today’s protest movement, is that too many Jews have more hatred towards fellow Jews, religious, settlers, haredim, than they have towards our actual Arab enemies, who do not differentiate between left-wing Jews, right-wing Jews, religious Jews, "settler" Jews, or secular Jews. To our enemies, we are all one and the same. When they come with a knife, gun or a car to kill us, they don’t first ask “hmm, is this a good Jew or a bad Jew”? No, no questions asked, they kill each of us equally.

    But, somehow some Jews have a deep hatred towards their fellow Jews. And that is very, very sad, but, actually, nothing new.

    This phenomenon has always existed throughout Jewish history.

    However, we must put this into perspective.

    This is only a tiny, tiny minority of Jews who have such hatred towards their fellow Jews. Most Jews, regardless of our passionate disagreements, understand that we still are one people, able to move forward together.

    So, people shouldn’t get depressed and think that this is a huge problem in terms of population numbers. It unfortunately, looks like a greater problem than it is, because it has the support of the establishment Jewish-Israeli media 24/7.

    I wish this problem didn’t exist at all, but it really is a tiny minority.

    And as I keep on saying, this is ultimately a part of the redemption process that we are experiencing as a people. Figuring out who we are, why we are here in our homeland as a people, and how we move forward as a Jewish people in our ancestral homeland.

    After 2,000 years of exile throughout the world, and persecution, we are finally back all together, and it is not a simple process.

    The tiny elite powers within our people, who are heavily influenced by the dominant progressive, really regressive, culture of the West today, are not happy with the growth of a proud and unapologetic traditional Jewish community in Israel. They are not happy about losing their power and of Israel changing due to a changing demographic.

    In essence, that is what this whole protest movement is about, started years ago, with no connection whatsoever to any judicial reform.

    I understand their fear, and the fear they are spreading to the public. But, that is not a reason to destroy the country and refuse to serve in the IDF to defend the country. They have crossed every red line.

    With each day, more people are waking up and realizing this reality. We still have a ways to go, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Strengthen your faith in the One above. If you are a Jew not yet living in Israel, then what are you waiting for? Start making your aliyah plans now!

    Things might look bad now, but things will be great. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

    Am Yisrael Chai!!!